For Members

The Amsterdam Made Community consists of makers and partners. Our makers produce high quality goods that satisfy consumer needs, and our partners support the makers by providing necessary goods and services. The goal of the community is to encourage cooperation and the sharing of expertise with regards to local and sustainable production. Amsterdam Made presents, promotes and connects these makers and partners in several ways:

The Community Platform
Amsterdam Made’s website is the community’s calling card and includes an overview of its members and their products. For 75 euros members get their own dedicated page that contains information on who they are, what they make, where they are located, product photos and links to their website and web shop. The site functions as a digital platform where makers and partners, but also lovers of locally made goods can find information, events and stories about makers. In short, it’s an inspiring website that never sleeps.

Besides exposure on the website, members can count on press and social media promotion. Amsterdam Made has a growing number of followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We promote makers and partners through our newsletters and we have good relationships with Het Parool and Amsterdam Marketing. Amsterdam Made has been featured in many Dutch newspapers; De Volkskrant published an article about the launch of the certificate in their weekend edition, published a press release, and De Telegraaf devoted a story to our one-year anniversary.

Events to stimulate collaboration and share expertise
In order to fully utilize the community’s assets and strengthen the connections between members, Amsterdam Made regularly organizes events such as:

  • our yearly event where makers meet and get to know the partners
  • special sessions dedicated to specific industries (food or product design)
  • seminars on effective business organization or the circular economy
  • get-togethers where makers can share their wisdom or look for answers.

Furthermore, Amsterdam Made informs members as much as possible about things relevant to the maker industry and reacts to topics members are particularly interested in. For example, Amsterdam Made organized a contest for circular design and a special themed session about bio-based and circular materials.

Amsterdam Made Certificate
Makers who are members of Amsterdam Made can apply for the Amsterdam Made Certificate. The certificate, established in collaboration with Amsterdam city council, is granted to creative, innovative, sustainable and high-quality tangible goods designed or made in Amsterdam. The goal of the certificate is to proudly display the quality of Amsterdam-based brands, create awareness of their products and thus it  increases sales. Makers can print the logo on certified products so that locally made goods are easily identifiable and distinguished from foreign imports.

Partner Program
The Amsterdam Made partner program connects makers with valuable contacts and businesses, giving them helpful information and offering attractive deals. Based on the needs of the makers, the program has assembled an assortment of businesses, each of which distinguish themselves through their affinity with sustainability and the local economy. The program includes a wide array of businesses, all located in the Metropolitan area of Amsterdam, which are professional, innovative and distinctive, and which come with good references from makers.

Sales Support
Through the partner program, close relationships have been created with suitable retailers such as the I amsterdam Store at Amsterdam Central Station, The Maker Store in De Hallen, X-Bank in W Hotel and Landmarkt, De Kweker, Bilder & de Clercq and Sterk. The program makes it easy to connect and work with these retailers.

Makers’ Forum
At the moment, the members of the community connect by attending Amsterdam Made events and get-togethers and can easily find each other through the website. But the desire to find and share information happens every single day. By creating and maintaining a forum, Amsterdam Made makes it possible for makers and partners to ask and answer questions the whole year round. The forum is structured by subject so  members can easily find what they are looking for. Topics covered include the search for- and offer of- makerspaces and other real estate, production and distribution facilities, machines, personnel, etc.