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The concept for Geitenwollenshirts* is actually quite simple: ‘fair fashion for a fair price.’ The Geitenwollenshirts team is made up of the twin sisters Abigail and Lavinia Bakker, who previously established the sustainable fashion brand Twin Couture. They are joined by Lennart Veenendaal who, with his graphic design background, is responsible for the print designs and the website.

Together they put their sustainable concept into practice in an original and creative manner. They don’t hide the fact that the tree-hugger image may need to be brought into the twenty-first century. Thankfully they have no trouble challenging existing stereotypes and they market their shirts with a good sense of humour, as exemplified by their shirts Goature and Ouwe Bok. ‘The oh-so-serious fashion world can use a little humour,’ says Lavinia.




The sisters aim to leave the world a little better than they entered it. Why should animals, human beings and the environment have to suffer because people always want to dress well? Geitenwollenshirts was established when the sisters discovered that it wasn’t so easy to buy clothes made with organic cotton in the Netherlands. Therefore they decided to offer fairly made, eco-friendly clothing themselves.

For their clothing they purchase GOTS certified organic cotton for which farmers receive a fair price. The production techniques are strictly controlled by independent organisations and by the producer with whom they work. Geitenwollenshirts succeeds in keeping prices low by selling the clothing through their own online webshop. This way, the designer doesn’t have to pay high margins to retailers.

Besides maintaining a webshop, Geitenwollenshirts recently opened a shop on the Utrechtsestraat. Designed with a minimalistic approach, the shop also offers other inspiring and stylish brands created with a similar vision, such as Hempje, Kowtow and Armed Angels. With their new shop they want to create an alternative for fast fashion giants such as H&M and Zara.


*Geitenwollenshirts is a play on “geitenwollensokken” people, the Dutch term for tree-huggers.



Utrechtsestraat 37, Grachtengordel-Zuid, Amsterdam, Nederland
020 36 20 784

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