We show what the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has to offer. Local, sustainable products and their creative makers are presented.

Amsterdam Made believes in a liveable, sustainable region with a strong, circular and local economy. Cities where the maker industry is visible and where consumers, companies and governments buy from local makers and suppliers. An economy that can exist through a culture in which people consciously choose locally produced products. Products that stand for sustainability, creativity and craftsmanship. 

To realize our vision, we show what the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has to offer. We give exposure to local, sustainable, creative companies, their founders and products. In addition, we issue a recognized quality label, so that local and sustainable products are recognizable and easier to find. This way we stimulate the awareness of the consumer, so they adopt a more responsible lifestyle and the ‘buy local’ mentality. The conscious consumer is focused on products from their own city, which results in money that circulates locally and increase of the strength of the regional economy.

In collaboration with our media partners and via our own channels we share inspiring stories, show the products and give exposure to the companies that carry the Amsterdam Made Quality Label.

The Amsterdam Made Quality Label is a label for local and sustainable products. The quality label makes it a lot easier to find and recognize local and sustainable products. All products that are exposed on the Amsterdam Made Shop received the quality label. The quality label was developed at the request of the municipality of Amsterdam. In November 2015, Kajsa Ollongren, then deputy mayor, awarded the first quality labels to, among others, Brouwerij ‘t IJ, Kesbeke and Roetz-Bikes.