Amsterdam Made

Amsterdam Made is a community platform consisting of 150 high quality manufacturing companies based in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. They fit within the core values ​​of creativity, sustainability and craftsmanship.


From home soil

We show what the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has to offer

Team Amsterdam Made

The Amsterdam Made Makers

Amsterdam Made focuses on SME manufacturing companies, from start-ups to established for years, from non-food to food products, from unique furniture, clothing and accessories to lamps and bicycles, from sausage and beer to special chocolate. Companies that make a physical product on Dutch soil and are located in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

Our Vision

We want to show the world what quality Amsterdam makers have. We want to inspire people to pursue a responsible lifestyle by choosing homegrown products with an eye for creativity, sustainability and craftsmanship

Our Mission

The mission is to help Amsterdam manufacturing companies realize their potential. Amsterdam Made does this by maintaining a healthy and active Community where makers are informed, knowledge is shared and (international) exposure is generated

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