Who can become a member?

Amsterdam Made is a community platform for makers. In order to join this community, your business be located within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Furthermore, the Amsterdam Made community consists of professional entrepreneurs and therefore we require that any business applying to join the community has at least 1 FTE.

Amsterdam Made also welcomes professional partners, from businesses that promote sustainable solutions to workspaces, who want to support and work with local makers.

Why become a member?

Amsterdam Made is for makers. It is a community made up of like-minded people who want to share their knowledge and with bountiful opportunities for collaboration. Amsterdam Made strives to support makers wishing to expand by offering marketing and sales related services.

Upon joining the community, every member receives their own personal page on our website. This is where the makers and their products are highlighted; a page full of enticing text and images. In addition to the website, makers can expect exposure through other channels, such as social media. All members of the community have the right to use the “Amsterdam Made Community” logo in their communication.

Product and product lines of community members are eligible for the Amsterdam Made certificate. This certificate signifies high quality production and local entrepreneurship. Please read the conditions these products must comply with in order to carry the certificate.

Sales Promoting Activities
Amsterdam Made has a webshop and is working on opening a shop that is simultaneously a meeting place for makers. Numerous retail parties have expressed their interest in working with Amsterdam Made as a curator of products made in Amsterdam. Furthermore, by combining our powers within a makers’ collective, it is easier to attend various fairs and events.

Shared Knowledge
Amsterdam Made aims to contribute to an innovative and sustainable maker industry by facilitating the sharing of knowledge. In order to stimulate this, we regularly organise events in collaboration with various partners. These events may relate to technical issues such as materials and production techniques, but may also be aimed at consumers. All in all, Amsterdam Made manages a varied agenda for both makers and consumers.

Meetings and Seminars
In cooperation with a number of partners, Amsterdam Made will develop seminars to help entrepreneurs establish, expand and fine-tune their business. We will offer separate meetings for, for example, crowd funding, branding and capital management.

The Amsterdam Made database contains an overview of makers and partners, each with their own skills and needs. Amsterdam Made links everyone. By putting traditional craftsmen in contact with modern makers, who apply new techniques in their production processes, great things can happen. We also connect makers with organisations that offer various services, such as makerspaces, distributors, packaging developers and product photographers.



By filling out this form you are applying to become a member of Amsterdam Made. We charge a registration fee, which also covers the creation of your personal page on our website. For this page, you can choose between one of the options below.

  • Package 1: Provide Amsterdam Made with a well-written piece about your business and eye-catching accompanying images. The price of this package, which includes processing your registration, is €75 (excl. VAT).
  • Package 2: A member of the Amsterdam Made team will write a piece based on information gleaned from your company’s website and social media pages. This package, which includes processing your registration, costs €100 (excl. VAT).
  • Package 3: A member of the Amsterdam Made team will write a professional piece based on an interview and take high-quality pictures. This package, which includes processing your registration, costs €150 (excl. VAT).

As of March 2016, Amsterdam Made will charge a small annual membership fee of €90, excluding VAT. This fee will remain as low as possible, so that anyone can join our platform. Naturally, you may choose to support Amsterdam Made further by donating to our foundation.