Amsterdam Made

The mission of the community platform of Amsterdam Made is to bring local production back to the metropolitan area of Amsterdam and thus improve sustainability and give a boost to the local economy.



Helpen businesses develop and expand

Bas Beekman &
Marit Timmerman

The Amsterdam Made community was established to aid those who make a physical product and whose business was either founded or expanded within the Metropolitan area of Amsterdam. The platform is composed of hundreds of professional entrepreneurs and companies, from traditional craftsmen to modern entrepreneurs using the newest production techniques and from start-ups to established brands. The foundation follows in the footsteps of San Francisco Made, an initiative that was able to ensure the structural growth of the local makers’ economy within a short amount of time.

The ambitions and ideas that motivate Amsterdam Made are endless. Firstly, by creating attractive content on the website and working with additional media channels the foundation aims to increases exposure for its members. Amsterdam Made has also created a clear overview of goods made by our members, a helpful tool for retailers and consumers. These products will be offered through various sales channels, such as a web shop and pop-up stores. Furthermore, we have ownership over the Amsterdam Made certificate, developed in collaboration with Amsterdam City Council. The certificate guarantees excellent quality and local production.

The Mission
Local production is an important focus point of our foundation; not only does it stimulate employment in the region but it also goes hand in hand with sustainability. By conducting a large study Amsterdam Made aims to map which local production facilities are missing in the region. The results will form the basis of the development of these local facilities, in cooperation with the council and the business sector.
During our annual “biobased raw material event” local biobased raw materials will be presented to our makers, so that they are aware of their sustainable options. These initiatives, in combination with cooperation and cross-pollination between members, should lead to the growth and increased sustainability of the maker industry. Greater employment, a varied maker industry and happy consumers will be the outcome.


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